In response to the announcement of the Customs Administration of Taiwan's Ministry of Finance, starting from January 16, 2019, before importing overseas packages into Taiwan, the recipient should complete the real-name authentication to facilitate the delivery of the package. For details, please refer to the following link:

It is recommended that you first download the real-name authentication APP “EZ WAY” designated by the Customs Department on your mobile phone and complete your personal identification information Real-name authentication and registration to facilitate the subsequent customs clearance operations of the customs. Please fill in the registered real-name information including name and phone number when placing an order.

If you have more questions about this announcement, you can call the Customs Department for inquiries:
Contact person: Import Business Division, Customs Clearance Division, Customs Department
Contact information: 02-25505500 ext. 2539
Download the real-name authentication app “EZ WAY” designated by the Customs Department. Link: