Angel Spin Japanese Towel Set

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Product Information

Country of origin: Japan
Hand towel: 34x35 x 1 (brown)
Face towel: 34x80cm x 1 (pink)
Material: 100% cotton

Skin-friendly and comfortable surfaceTowel
Angel Spin is a Japanese towel manufacturer. The towel brand launched by JOGAN is produced in a pleasant climate. It uses pure soft water to make soft towels, which are gentle and skin-friendly. Made with carefully selected high-quality cotton threads, coupled with a compact fiber manufacturing process, so it is not easy to shed, and even after washing, it can still restore softness and elasticity, keeping the texture intact.

Towel Features
1. Excellent elasticity
After washing, the softness and volume will not change either, maintaining a comfortable texture.

2.Achieving lightness and fullness
Because there is a layer of air between the threads, a soft, light and fluffy texture can be felt.

3.Fast water absorption and fast drying
Because there are many gaps on the thread, the water absorption is high.

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