AWASAKA Hand-painted Mino Cup Set (5P)

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Country of Origin: Japan
Size: φ 8× 7cm
Material: Porcelain/Minoyaki
Weight: 1.3kg
※ The hand-painted or hand-made pottery is slightly uneven in color, which is the characteristic of hand-made, not a quality problem, please feel at ease.
※Microwave ✔️
※Home Dishwasher✔️

"Colorful hand-painted style full of heart"
AWASAKA hand-painted series combines different colors and patterns to put together a bright and harmonious design. Bringing a sense of happiness to your meal.

AWASAKA is a well-known minoyaki manufacturer in Japan, and it has launched different series of minoyaki. I believe that no matter how the food culture evolves in the future, people will still love to share the beautiful moments of gathering with the people they care about, the smiles at every table, and the warm and happy cooking time. Cutlery plays an important role in connecting food and people's emotions, enriching the dining scene.

Picture: AWASAKA

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