Hakusan Hasami Small Bowl

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Country of origin: Japan
3 . White
Size: φ 11.5× 5cm
Material: Porcelain/Hasami ware
Weight: 240g
※ The hand-painted or hand-made pottery is slightly uneven in color, which is the characteristic of hand-made, and it is not a quality problem, please feel free to use it.
※ Microwave ✔️
※ Home Dishwasher✔️

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"Transparent and warm feeling on the dining table"
Hasami-yakiThe history of Hasami-yaki can be traced back roughly 400 years ago and originated in Hasami-machi in central Nagasaki Prefecture. Its is characterized by the whiteness of the whole body, and it has less clay than ordinary porcelain. Therefore, in the process of daily handling, most of the Hasami-yaki utensils are relatively light in weight, and the whole tableware is thick. Not easy to break.

Inspired by the pattern of rolled cloth, this series is decorated with delicate glaze, and rolls out a transparent and moist small bowl, suitable for daily use.

"Hakusan Pottery"
Hakusan Pottery was founded by Mr. Mori Masahiro, a famous Japanese designer. ." and continues to aim to make vessels that surpass the standards of the times. This is why Baishan Pottery is comfortable and has always been loved by people!

Photo: Baishan Pottery

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