KATA KATA Cat Multipurpose Sponge Towel

Size: M:W17xD0.2xH20cm
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special price$58.00

Product Information

Country of origin: Germany
M: W17xD0.2xH20cm
L: W30.4xD0.2xH25.7cm
Material: 70%vegetable fiber , 30% cotton
Weight: 12g/30g
Cleaning method:
1. Can be washed in washing machine regularly (need to be put in laundry bag)
2. Or Boiling hot water to achieve disinfection effect
3. Clean and then air dry

"Sponge towel that reduces the burden on the earth and super absorbent"
The sponge towel made of plant fiber and cotton is environmentally friendly and easy to use! When dry, it looks like a thick cardboard with a cat pattern designed by the popular Japanese dyer
KATA KATA. After soaking in water, it will become a wear-resistant and tear-resistant rag, and its water absorption is 4 times that of ordinary rags. It can absorb more than 10 times its own weight of water, and it dries faster than ordinary cloth wipes, so it is difficult for bacteria to multiply, and dirt such as soy sauce and wine can be easily cleaned. Even if it encounters high temperature pots and pans, it will not produce toxins, and it is not afraid of scratches when cleaning tableware or enamel pots. Plant fibers can be 100% decomposed, reducing the burden on the earth. Perfect for home or office.

KATA KATA is operated by a couple (Matsunaga Take and Takai Chie) who are both graduates of the Textile Department of Tokyo University of Art and Design. The original store is located at Tokyo Ebisu Station Nearby, the main creative works are young and uniquely designed dyeing works. The dyeing techniques that are more commonly used in traditional clothing such as kimonos are applied to various furniture such as clothes, cloth panels and rags, rewriting everyone's perception of traditional dyeing. The established impression of cloth craftsmanship.

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