ISHIZUKA Glass Aderia Premium RABBIT & SNOW Frothing Beer Glass Pair Set

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Product Information

Country of origin: Japan
Size: φ 6.9x 14.9cm
Capacity: 310ml
Material: Glass
Includes: Snow Rabbit dense Pair of Foaming Beer Mugs

"Crystal Matte Glass with Icy Texture"
The surface of the matte crystallized glass is subtly surrounded by blue and gold Japanese snow rabbit pattern, with Enjoy the lively jumping action and feel the cute charm of the snow rabbit in winter. The unique material and style, coupled with the connotation of blessing, have become the first choice for tasteful gifts.

The design of the inner curvature of the glass body can produce denser foam when pouring beer. For the pleasure of enjoying beer, upgrade it further.

With more than 200 years of experience in "Ishizuka Glass", the classic Japanese culture is presented with modern craftsmanship. The Premium NIPPON Taste series, the unique crystalline frosted glass creates a cool feeling, and the golden pattern on the surface creates a delicate feeling, which is a good thing for home shochu. Each pattern series has an exclusive Japanese original exquisite gift box, which is also a gift choice.

Picture: Ishizuka Glass

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