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Country of origin: Japan
1. Asanoha: represents rapid growth
2. Yagasuri: represents eternal A good relationship
3. Yukiwa: Represents a rich harvest
4. Shidarezakura: Represents eternal happiness
Dimensions: φ 7.8x 8.3 cm
Capacity: 210ml
Material: Glass

"Delicacy of the golden pattern"
It has been used as a pattern for cotton products such as kimonos and hand towels since the Edo period, and each small pattern has auspicious meanings , to deliver lasting blessings. The matte crystal glass is produced with gorgeous bronzing to present a delicate sense of Japanese-style pattern.

"Ishizuka Glass" has been used for more than 200 years, presenting the classic Japanese culture with modern craftsmanship. The Premium NIPPON Taste series, the unique crystalline frosted glass, creates a cool feeling, and then uses the golden pattern on the surface to create a delicate feeling, which is a good thing for home shochu. Each pattern series has an exclusive Japanese original exquisite gift box, which is also a gift choice.

Picture: Ishizuka Glass

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