Mt. Fuji Yamagata Mino Yakiniku Pair Cup

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Country of Origin: Japan
1. Blue Fuji
2. Red Fuji
Size: φ 9.2x 8.8cm
Capacity: 270ml
Material: Pottery/Minoyaki
※ The hand-painted or hand-made ceramics have slight uneven coloring, which is the characteristic of hand-made, non-defective quality problem, please use with peace of mind.
※ Microwave ✔️
※ Home Dishwasher✔️

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"Cute and warm green Fuji/Red Fuji"
It is very suitable for personal use or as a wedding and housewarming gift. It has a warm color that is exclusive to Mino-yaki, and is paired with everyone's favorite cyan and red, so it can be easily integrated into furniture or everyday use.

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