Kayuragi incense stick with ceramic holder

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Country of Origin: Japan
White SandalwoodPleasant and simple whiteSandalwood fragrance
AgarwoodSelected high-grade incense wood, pure and rich agarwood fragrance
White peachFresh and sweet whitePeach fruit fragrance
JasmineRefreshing and brightJasmine fragrance
Green teaCool and sweet green tea fragrance
Golden rhinoceros sweet-scented osmanthus sweet fruit flowers
vinesoft purplevine flowers
pomegranateSweet and Sour Stone
Pomegranate Fragrance
Rose – Elegant Rose Fragrance
Agarwood, Cherry Blossom, White Sandalwood (Mixed) – 15 sticks each
Package size: 16x3x2.5cm
Length of incense stick: about 14cm
Burning time: about 25-30minutes
Main ingredients: loose powder, essence Note:
Light the top of the incense stick first, then blow out the flame, the light smoke from the incense stick will slowly rise
※ Please do not place the incense stick in a well-ventilated place , to avoid the incense ash being scattered all over the floor
※ Please keep the incense stick in a place where children and pets cannot get it
※ The incense stick spreads faster, you can use it in half if necessary

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"Scents Inspired by Japanese Flowers"
With more than 400 years of incense-making technology, Nippon Kado continues to carry forward the secret incense-making technology by contemporary incense makers . Inspired by kimono fabrics, Kayuragi packs a silky texture and vibrant colors. Aromas inspired by Japanese flowers that have been loved by the Japanese for many years, the collection includes the common agarwood and sandalwood, as well as a range of Japanese floral and fruity aromas. In order to make everyone feel at ease, in addition to setting up a set of safety measurement methods, it is also matched with Denmark's world-standard measurement technology. The feeling of calm and relaxation comes not only from the pleasant aroma, but also from the heritage and intentions behind it.

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