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Product Information

Country of Origin: Japan
1. Rose
2. Green Apple
3. Lavender
4. Herbal (insect-proof)
Material:Liquid candle with paraffin oil as the main raw material, high safety and easy to use.
Capacity: ~300ml
※ Excluding oil lamps, also available in our shop: https://bit.ly/3HHwpFS
Insect repellent herbal oil contains an appropriate proportion of natural herbs such as eucalyptus and mint with high insect repellent effect. Because of its natural herbal scent, it can also be used on the table.
Exhibits a high degree of repelling insects while maintaining the purity of the oil. With no soot or oily smell, you can use it indoors or on the patio with confidence.
The oil lamps introduced by our store are all oil lamps that use rainbow oil and do not emit oil fume, oil fume, odor or impurities. You can use it safely and cleanly without the flames getting bigger or smoking.

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