Tsugaruvidro Four Seasons Glass

Style: Wheat - Gold
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Country of Origin: Japan
Shizuku - White, Yellow, Blue, Purple >Evening-Orange
Spring-White Red Green
Evening-White Blue Green
Size: φ9.5x9cm
Material: Glass
Capacity: 300ml
Weight: About 290g
※ Handmade by artisans, so there are individual differences in size, color, style, capacity and weight.
※ Microwave✖️
※ Dishwasher✖️

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"Has the charm of gold foil light and shadow"

"Binghua Jincai" presents the beauty of the four seasons colors in the glass through the exquisite craftsmanship of Japanese craftsmen. It is blown by hand-made "cosmic method" and has an excellent hand feeling; it is paired with refreshing juice🍹Sake🍶Add ice🧊 to experience the four seasons of Japan at home.

The well-known Kanazawa gold leaf is used around the cups of this series, and comes with an exclusive wooden storage box. The maximum diameter is 95mm, and the round ice cubes commonly used in whisky can also be perfectly integrated.

"Tsugaru Glass"
is from a well-known craft brand in Aomori Prefecture. It is hand-blown and made at 1,500°C, showing a gorgeous and soft texture that only belongs to handmade utensils. Each cup is like a beautiful artwork with unique texture, color and curvature.

Picture: Tsugaru

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