Tsugaruvidro Handmade Small Glass Vase

shape: Cherry blossoms
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Product Information

Country of Origin: Japan
Eight-colored Nebuta Festival

Weight: 310g
Dimensions: φ7x6.5 cm
Material: Glass

※ Handmade by artisans, so there are individual differences in size, color, style, capacity and weight.
※Please use glass items carefully to avoid collision and extreme temperature difference, so as not to break.
※If cracks are found on the surface of the product, continuous use is not recommended.
※The tiny bubbles in the glass are not flaws, but the obvious feature and charm of handmade glass.

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"Traditional Japanese hand-made glass art"
"Temari" means handball in Japanese. A small round glass vase made for the scene, and named after the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. You can choose to simply put a 'sai-temari' for decoration,
or arrange 'sai-temari' of different colors together to create a colorful atmosphere.

"Palm-sized, very cute"
It's a lovely round shape from any angle.
Even inserting just one small flower can make your room look bright and elegant.

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